About us
A website designed to preserve a Croatian art, that promotes Tambura through art, song and language, that teaches students to become teachers, that provides Tambura Sheet Music for all instruments(including violin, guitar, harmonika, mandolin), e-Tambura lessons(personal coaching), an instrument shop where you can buy and sell instruments, a cd release section where you can buy and sell your own album's, an instrument service where you can buy strings and horn picks(trzalice)(coming soon) and much more to come! Have Fun, Play Tambura, Uživajte!!!

This group and website are designed for the Diaspora but Croatians living in Croatia are also welcome.

I call this the CROATIAN WORLD TAMBURA MOVEMENT designed to promote and spread Tambura to ALL corners of the globe and to create a higher Tamburas/ica global population. 

Thank you to all members for joining this wonderful important cause.

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Long live Tambura!
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